DIY cold brew concentrate recipe is live on my stories and as a highlight now! Thought I would share it here for y’all too. I like to use it instead of espresso in coffee cocktail recipes for a smoother drink! Plus, I’m living on this stuff during isolation and it’s so easy to make!

Here’s how to make Cold Brew Concentrate at home.


  • 70 g filter ground coffee (go for something chocolatey and sweet)
  • 500 ml water


Add the coffee to a coffee plunger / French press. Add half the water and stir everything so the coffee is saturated. Add the rest of the water, put on the lid and let it sit at room temp for 12-24 hours. Once it’s done, slowly plunge the coffee down then pour into a bottle. Keep this in the fridge. Serve over ice with milk or water at a rough 1:4 ratio.

Cold Brew Concentrate is perfect substitute for espresso in your cocktails. Check out my espresso cocktail recipes here.

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